What is a Biased Roulette Wheel?

First, let us define what bias means. In gambling, this refers to a consistent behavior or pattern in a game. In roulette, bias means the wheel seems to "favor" one number over the others. Biased roulette wheels are not rigged; rather they are flawed.

As you know, a roulette wheel has numbered pockets in it. A ball is thrown into the wheel and the pocket it stops on when the wheel settles is the winning bet. When a wheel is biased, something causes the ball to fall into a particular pocket more than the others.

Obviously this creates an advantage for the gambler. A biased roulette wheel is desirable for enthusiasts of the game. If you can identify a biased roulette wheel, chances are good you can make money with it.

When a roulette wheel has a bias, the same number appears about every 20-30 spins. If you wager on the favored number all the time, even if it doesn't win, you will gain the advantage over the house in the long term.

What causes a roulette wheel to be biased? No one can say for sure. But it has to be either a flaw in the wheel's design, an uneven table surface or the way the ball is tossed. Or else, it could be wear and tear in the wheel which cases a pocket to be wider than others. It doesn't matter. Whatever the cause, even a slight anomaly can cause a bias.

Unfortunately, finding a biased roulette wheel isn't easy. In the first place, it does not happen often and casinos test their equipment regularly anyway. Secondly, you have to do some work before you can be sure a wheel is biased.

To ascertain if a roulette wheel is biased, watch the spins and record the results. Try to see if any number appears more often than the others. Once you see a pattern, you just wager on this number on every spin. Don't make what you're doing obvious. Pretend it is your lucky number or something. The casinos are as much on the lookout for biased wheels as you are.

Biased roulette wheels are the only means by which one can gain an edge in this game. Betting systems, no matter what kind, can never lend advantage to the gambler. This makes biased wheels worth searching for.

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