The Roulette Wheel's Layout

The Game of Roulette is a popular casino and online game enjoyed by a lot of players all over the world because it is easy to understand and there is a lack of decision making to be made by the players.

But even though the game does not require a lot of decisions to be made, a lot of players like to carefully study the game, analyze the roulette wheel, learn the different odds for each wagering option and to develop a good technique in playing the game. Although the technique does not mean that the player will beat the game. But the technique does give the player the understanding of the game and improve their chances of winnin.

The main component of Roulette is the Roulette wheel itself. A lot of players do not understand the importance of the placement of the numbers on the Roulette Wheel. Beginners and infrequent players in the game think that the numbers on the wheel are just placed randomly.

Players will notice that the Roulette wheel has red and black numbers around the wheel. Players will also find that two odd numbers are placed alternately with two numbers that are even. The placement of the numbers is carefully placed so that the total of the numbers for any given part of the roulette wheel would be equal to another section.

So if the chances for each number on the roulette wheel are the same why would the numbers still be fixed in this way? The idea behind this is to give an equal chance for each of the wagering options on the roulette wheel.

The layout of the wheel is also designed to help solve wheel tracking problems. It would prevent dealers from manipulating the result of the game.

Some claimed that Roulette in land base casinos can developed an inclination or favoritism to one side, with a big and small side. Usually numbers placed on the heavy side wins in the game. Since the numbers were evenly placed on the wheel, there is no single wagering option on the roulette wheel which would allow players to manipulate that possibility.

But in reality roulette wheels are fixed to make sure that they are unbiased and completely sure especially with the wheel tracking. The zero and the double zero in the Roulette wheel is what gives the casino some advantages over the players. It is a good idea to avoid playing if a roulette wheel has a double zero.


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