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Roulette comes from the French word meaning small wheel describing the wheel that the game centers around. The game itself was created in France around the 17th century. The game has changed very little and has been played in the original form since the mid 17th century. The original game did not have the numbers 0 or 00. Those were added later. The single 0 was added in France thus adding an additional advantage to the house. The double Zero 00 was added even later in the United States again adding an additional advantage for the house. Roulette has been known for centuries as the King of the casino games and as legend states been involved with deals with the devil to reveal its secrets. If you add up all the numbers on the wheel it does total 666.

The game starts by all players placing their wagers by placing chips on different corresponding numbers, combination of numbers, colors, and various other combinations on the game board. After all wages have been made the casino employee will state all betting is closed and will spin the wheel in one direction and then spin ball in the opposite direction. The wheel is tilted to a small degree and when the ball drops finally into its resting place (one of the 38 pockets) the game is concluded.

The casino employees will then either collect all the chips of those that have lost their wager or pay out those that have won based on where they placed their bet.

The actual wheel has either 37 pockets (European Roulette) or 38 pockets (American Roulette. Remember the European version only has one 0 and the American version has the additional double 0 (00) on the wheels respectfully. This means the pockets are number 1-36 with alternating colors of red and black.

It should be noted that the numbers are not sequenced around the wheel. Also, there are places where consecutive numbers may have the same color. The numbers 0 and 00 are colored green in both the European and American version.

Following are the types of bets played in Roulette: 1. Straight: the bet is placed on a single number, the chips are placed on that number 2. Street: the bet is placed in a single line of three numbers by placing on the connecting lines of those numbers selected 3. Sixline: the bet is on two adjoining streets with the chips placed on the connecting lines of the two streets 4. Split: the bet is placed on two connecting numbers by placing on the line connecting those numbers 5. Corner: the bet is placed at the intersection of four numbers thus the bet is on anyone of those numbers coming up 6. Even Money: the bet is placed so that the number that comes up will be either red, black, even, odd, high, low depending where the bet is placed on one of those corresponding squares 7. Column: the bet is placed so that ball will land on any one of the numbers identified in that column on the board 8. Group: is placing a bet on any of the three groups of twelve numbers.

All of these are easily be identified on the game board. Roulette easy to learn, easy to play, and sometimes easy winners.


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